The 21st century has bought an endless supply of health and fitness information with unlimited accessibility.

This often leads to misinterpretation, misinformation and a lack of results. Here at Ionic we help to reduce the confusion by gathering the information you need and tailoring it to your specific requirements.

There is both good and bad advice out there and not all information is easy to understand or suitable for you as an individual. Many “quick fixes”, fad diets and celebrity endorsed “diets” are actually more harmful than you may be lead to believe. At Ionic we believe your health is the number one priority, and we work hard to guide you through your simple, sustainable yet bespoke plan whatever your health, nutrition and fitness goals. We always provide scientific support for our plans and believe that this enables clients to make informed and educated choices about their heath in the future. Our philosophy is to promote your health education through scientific means, regardless of ability or starting point.


The idea for Ionic came from Greg Lound’s love of sport.

As a semi-professional rugby player, health and performance was always at the forefront of his mind. When he was beginning his health journey he found the internet both a useful and useless source of information as there was just too much to comprehend. He decided that educating himself about his personal health, nutrition and fitness needs were paramount to his success.

His passion for health and nutrition gained focus through his BSc in Sports science, current MSc studies in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and his experiences with professional sports teams. Ionic aims to help others change their way of thinking through scientific reasoning and ignite a passion for health and fitness.


We are geared to a new way of thinking and our aim is to help educate you about your personal health needs.


The end goal is to change your mind set and your relationship with health, nutrition and exercise. Its never too late to escape the fad diets and the quick fixes, and replace them with whole foods and physical exercise.

Our plans are bespoke and are easy to fit around anyone’s lifestyle, current fitness levels or end goals. Online aspects of the programmes enable them to be followed anywhere and at anytime. Accessibility of the coaches gives personalised guidance and allows you to control all elements of your progress towards your end goal.

Ionic provides the science behind your success and encourages anyone to continually develop their health and fitness education. Please contact us for any further information.


Including nutrition and lifestyle analysis along with educational documents and health and lifestyle recommendations.

We will assign you a coach through your development and educating you throughout the plan.

Our most comprehensive plan available with unlimited access to online resources, coach correspondence and a weekly update to help keep you progressing.