Do I just cut out carbs if I want to lose weight?

A question that i get asked a lot. Simple answer to this is no. why would you want to cut out all the delicious foods that you can eat just to lose weight? There are many different variations that may help you lose weight.

Firstly, your body has to be in an energy deficit (use more energy than consume). This could be achieved by consuming less food or simply expending more energy e.g. going to the gym an extra day per week or walking to the shops instead of driving, you get the picture. You could also consume fewer calories in your diet in order to achieve a negative energy balance. Or a mix between the two.
Consuming fewer calories doesn’t need to be complicated, however there are some situations where adapting the diet may be helpful.

To decrease weight by 1lb per week you would roughly need to consume 500kcal less per day. The body will use fat as fuel to get you through the day, however it may also use protein as energy. It is therefore important to slightly increase your protein intake while trying to lose weight to maintain muscle mass within your body.

You may also want to decrease the amount of dietary fat within your diet. With 1g of fat equalling 9kcal reducing fat in your diet will help greatly. However, you will need some fat included in your diet for the uptake of fat soluble vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrates can be manipulated throughout the week in order to reduce energy intake. During training days, you may wish to increase carb intake slightly to help recover from the sessions, and because you use energy in the gym you can afford to eat more food.

Overall it is about balance. And finding a way that works for you. However, health is always a priority. You don’t need to be starving yourself of any food in order to speed up results. Firstly, apart from exceptional circumstances reducing calories further than this will cause injury and illness and could cause lasting damage. Therefore slow and steady incremental losses of weight are always the best and most sustainable method for losing weight.

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